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Napster subscribers on iOS can create a customized sound experience, the Even EarPrint, directly within the Napster application with any pair of earphones or headphones. The Even EarPrint set up takes approximately 90 seconds. Once a Napster subscriber completes an EarPrint, he or she automatically hears music tuned to his or her unique hearing, in real time. This is currently available only on iOS devices.


Customized audio experience for each listener that provides a significantly better listening experience (when using headphones)

  • Listener completes a short audio test to generate a custom “Even EarPrint”
  • When enabled, dynamically adjusts the audio to personalize it for each listener

Get Better Sound

Did you know that each of us hears sound differently? And that we hear differently in our left and right ears? Imagine if all eyeglasses had the same prescription?

How it works-
Listeners take a quick 2-minute hearing test to create their own personal Even EarPrint.  When enabled, this EarPrint automatically adjusts the sound for each listener to provide a more sharp listening experience at lower volume levels.  Not only does the audio sound better, it also helps reduce the volume level needed helping to prevent long-term hearing loss.


  • Awareness of the feature: This consists of a full screen introduction to the feature with: 1) a description of the feature and it’s benefits 2) how to get started with it 3) how to access it (prompt is displayed after 5 plays when headphones are detected (or after as soon as headphones are detected). Messaging of the feature is also surfaced within the Audio Settings (EQ) screen accessible from the full-screen player.
  • Creating an EarPrint- This consists of 1) introducing the listener to how to create an Earprint, 2) a short (< 2 minute) audio test to measure the listener’s hearing in both ears, 3) a completion step to let the listener know the test is done and for the listener to name their Earprint.
  • Access to the feature and awareness of when it’s enabled: This consists of 1) Clear access points to enable/disable/create a new Earprint 2) Clear awareness for when the feature is enabled 3) Easy ability to swap between multiple created Earprints.


Listeners receive a fullscreen prompt promoting the new feature (prompt is displayed after the 5th play after the app upgrade):




Coaching steps throughout the process

A series of audio clips @ several frequencies/ear

Multiple EarPrints can be created

Listeners can instantly test their EarPrint to hear the difference

EarPrints are automatically re-enabled when headphones are reconnected (tooltip is displayed)

  • Listeners can create multiple EarPrints
  • If a listener has an EarPrint enabled, then removes their headphones, then reconnect their headphones, the app will auto-enable the last EarPrint and a tooltip will be displayed informing the user that the app has enabled the EarPrint (with the EarPrtint name).
  • Listeners can name/rename EarPrints
  • EarPrint and basic EQ options can be used simultaneously.
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