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How can I cancel my Napster Sprint account ?

Sprint users can cancel their subscription anytime and it will only take if effect after the free trial or billing cycle has finished. This means that you can still enjoy music for some period of time.

There are 2 ways of canceling your subscription:

  • Sending the keyword ‘STOP’ to short code 1002

If you decide to re-subscribe again, then you can follow the steps below to re-subscribe to Napster.

Keyword HELP: send HELP to 1002 and in the SMS that is going to be received, click on the link (http://npstr.cm/asdf3f) to re-enroll

From your Android or iOS phone, just open the app and it will re-direct you to the Purchase flow

From Sprint: you can call or go to sprint.com/mysprint and re-subscribe

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