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Napster TV App

Napster is released a new TV app available on compatible LG, Samsung, and Panasonic television sets.

How does a user install the Napster TV app?
- Users will be able to search for and install the NapsterTV app from their TV’s App Store (Samsung Smart Hub, LG Apps, Viera Connect).
- Once the Napster TV app is installed the user will be able to launch it from their TV’s app hub.

How can a user find out if their TV is supported?
- Go to your TV’s App Store and search for Napster.
- If they can find/install Napster, their TV is supported.
- If they cannot find/install Napster, their TV is most likely not supported. If the customer has further questions, direct them to contact the manufacturer.

How does a user sign into the Napster TV app?
- When a user launches the app for the first time, they will be instructed to visit a link in order to activate their TV.
- The user will be given a unique 6 digit code. They will need to enter this in the “Activate Napster On My TV” field.
- Once the user enters the code into the Activation field, they will be automatically signed in to their Napster account.

*The unique code provided to the user is specific to them and is based off of the MAC address assigned to the TV.

What can a user do with the Napster TV app?
Once the user has been signed in to their account, they will be taken to the Napster home screen. They will see their recently played tracks, suggestions based off of their listening history, new releases, and popular albums.

Users will also be able to:
View My Music
View Playlists
Browse Napster
View Radio
Search Napster
View Listening History
Sign Out

And of course, listen to Napster music!

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