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Rhapsody is Now Napster

Rhapsody International owns and operates one music service under two brands. Rhapsody in the U.S. and Napster in 33 additional countries – including Europe, Latin America, and Canada. Napster remains one of the few iconic heritage brands in the world that elicits standalone brand and name recognition. 

So, what changed exactly?

Rhapsody is now Napster. All services and products previously known as Rhapsody are now Napster to form one global brand across all 34 countries, www.napster.com

There are no changes to your playlists, listening history or favorite music.  

The Napster app updated worldwide on iOS and Android, with personalization improvements including

The new home screen provides easier direct access to your favorite content, including recently played music, personal charts and favorites.

Global Listener Network allows you to explore other listeners’ playlists and favorites to discover more music.

Improved Explore experience gives you quick access to your favorite genres, a dashboard view of most played tracks, playlists and artists, as well as a new Search bar to promote browsing from any screen.


What happens to my playlists / favorites / library?

We’re the same great service you love – all of your playlists, favorites, albums and artists have not changed. The Rhapsody app will become the Napster app automatically via app store auto-updates, so you don’t have to do anything to keep listening to your favorite tunes.

Will my account change?

No. Aside from seeing the Napster name and logo across our mobile apps, websites, etc, you won’t experience any changes to your account or subscription. Your playlists, favorites & music stay the same.  

Will my credit or debit cards stop working?

No. Your payment info and account status won’t be affected.  

Will I lose my playlists / favorites / library when you become Napster?

No. Aside from branding ourselves globally as Napster, nothing else will change. We’ll still be the service you know and love; your playlists, favorites and music will stay the same.

How are partners affected?

We have great relationships with some of the world’s largest mobile carriers, in addition to countless other partners in the 34 countries, we serve around the world. The name change to Napster will be reflected across all our products and services - including our partnerships.

Why did you change your name from Rhapsody to Napster? 
We are one big happy family now, joining 33 other countries where we’ve been operating as Napster. This means that you, and other music lovers just like you, will know us as one brand that brings a consistent best-in-class music experience to our customers and partners worldwide. As one global brand, you can also tap into the power of our Listener Network, which lets listeners around the world create, find, and follow playlists in the same way friends used to swap mixtapes and CDs. So whether you’re backpacking in Patagonia, sunning on the isles of Greece or sipping on cappuccinos in Florence, you can connect with friends and a global community of music fans with one click to find new music you love.

Who can I contact if I’m having issues? 
If you’re experiencing issues with your account, please contact us. For immediate needs, our customer service agents are available to assist you via live chat Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM PT. For less urgent inquiries, please submit a request via email.

When will the changes take place?
This change will happen on 14th July'16 on our website, in our apps and across our services. For our customers, partners, and employees across the U.S. and the 33 countries in which we operate as Napster today, we will be collectively known as Napster. Our goal is to create a consistent worldwide message of who we are and the services we provide. You will not need to make any changes to your settings, account, playlists, favorites etc.


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