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Napster 6 PC Software Guide

Welcome to the new Napster 6 PC Client for Windows, our latest and best streaming music player for your PC and Windows clients! Install the latest app today and sign in to keep the music playing. Learn more below about what this new app can do, and how you can use it.

Based on listener feedback collected during our beta period, we’ve added many improvements since first introducing the app.

  • Highest quality audio ever offered, 320 Kbps bitrate
  • Download tracks at 160 Kbps bitrate for offline listening with customizable download locations
  • Compatible device support, including dragging and dropping your playlists 
  • Bring over your library and playlists from older Napster versions
  • Tune radio stations for variety and popularity
  • Mix songs into your upcoming queue
  • Editorially curated playlists and videos at your fingertips
  • Listener Network of friends and other similar listeners to discover the best music for you
  • Kids mode where kids can play their favorite music
  • Profile page include charts of listening history
  • Device support to transfer playlists, Albums or individual tracks

Version 6.17.27:

• bug fix: when search text is cleared, update the results pane.

• bug fix: limit the maximum length of search text.

Version 6.17.22:

• Your playlists are now private by default.

• You can make individual playlists public (when your profile is public).

When viewing playlists for other listeners, you now only see their public playlists.

• Playlists can be created and changed while offline. The server is updated once back online.

• bug fix: we fixed a specific situation where the Mixer could not be saved as a playlist.

Version 6.17.16:

• bug fix: Avoid hang when restoring downloaded playlists after reinstall

• bug fix: avoid intermittent problems when creating playlists

System Requirements and Download Links

Napster V6 is compatible with Windows Vista and above.Click HERE to download the software

For Windows XP Users, the last compatible version is and click here to install. (We no longer provide support for Windows XP users)

Napster PC software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Napster PC software works with Napster Premier, Napster Family & Napster Premier Plus One.


  1. Visit http://download.rhap.com/apps/windows-net451/napster/setup.exe
  2. Click on “Download Napster for Windows”
  3. Click on “Run” or “Save” (If you click on save, you have to go to your downloads and double click on the downloaded file to run the setup file)
  4. Click on “Install”

Having Trouble Installing? Please click here.  


How to sign-in to Napster PC Client

  1. Open Napster 6 PC Client from your desktop
  2. Enter your Napster username & password
  3. Click Sign In

User Profile

User Profile page shows friends, playlists & top charts that are created based on your listening history.


The new Home page shows Music from other listeners, featured , new releases, featured tags, and an option to browse genres.


  1. Tracks tab: Click an artist to see albums and tracks by that artist in your library.  Click play or shuffle to play tracks in your library.  Click a column title to sort A-Z or Z-A by title, album, or genre.  Down Arrow indicator to the left of a track indicates the track has been downloaded.
  2. Albums tab: Click an artist to see albums in your library, and click on albums to see which album tracks are in your library.
  3. Use the text box to filter by track, album or artist name.
  4. Music added to your library shows up everywhere you use Napster.
  5. Drag and drop songs or albums to Playlists, Downloads, or Queue.
  6. Scroll up and down to see more.


  • See all the Napster tracks you've downloaded to your Windows PC.
  • Play or Shuffle all your downloaded Napster tracks
  • Click an artist to see their albums and tracks.
  • Click an album to see its tracks.
  • Click a column title to sort A-Z or Z-A.
  • Scroll up & down, or left & right in a section to see more content.

Local Music

The Local Music page shows the music files from your computer that you have imported into Napster for playback and adding to playlists. Select import folders from Settings. Most audio formats are supported.


  • See your total playlists and the playlists you’ve downloaded to your PC, and create new playlists. Click a playlist name to see its tracks & total duration.
  • Play and Shuffle the selected playlist
  • Status (when a track is downloading), Track, Artist, Album, and Duration.
  • Make a new playlist by clicking "New" and entering a new playlist name.
  • Use the Remove Duplicates button to help keep your playlists streamlined.
  • Add music by right-clicking songs or albums, or drag and drop to "Playlists" on the left.
  • Playlists created in Napster 6 show up everywhere you use Napster (our mobile apps, in-home devices, etc), and vice versa.
  • Sort your playlists A-Z and Z-A by column header.
  • Scroll up & down, or left & right in a section to see more content.



Here you can see all your tracks that you tagged as favorites tracks.

Listening History

See your last 300 played songs.

  • Right-click on a song to see more options.
  • Drag & drop music to your library, playlists, downloads, or Mixer.
  • Type CTRL + A, then right-click and choose Add to Playlist to add all songs in your history to a playlist.


  • View your recently played stations, your saved stations, or a collection of editorially curated stations.
  • Use the text box to create a new artist or track station at any time.  You can also use the right-click menu on any artist or track in the catalog to create a new station.
  • Artist & track stations appear in the mixer, giving you tuning controls for variety and popularity, and allowing you to delete upcoming tracks.  You can skip as many times as you like.
  • Thumbs up & thumbs down controls appear in the player when you are listening to artist and track stations, allowing you to further tune your radio experience.


Enjoy exclusive posts from our editorial staff, featuring original playlists, album reviews, new release samplers, videos and more. Showing All Genres & All categories.

How to use MP3 Players with Napster V6 PC Client

MP3 Players

  1. Open Napster 6
  2. Connect a compatible player to your Windows PC
  3. Click the name of your Audio Device on the left and click Authorize if prompted.
  4. Check playlists you want to be transferred to your device, then click Sync Now.  You can pause, stop and clear the transfer at any time.
  5. As you navigate the catalog, you can drag and drop songs, albums, and playlists to the device for transfer.
  6. The Tracks tab of the Device page shows you tracks & albums you’ve transferred to your device that is not in a playlist.  These tracks are managed separately from tracks in playlists that you’ve transferred to your device.

A few things to remember when using an MP3 player with Napster 6:

  1. Do not connect your Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Windows phone to our software. Use our mobile app
  2. Napster is not compatible with iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, Sony Walkman, or Philips MP3 players
  3. Our PC software is not compatible with Mac.

Authorization Page:


Playlist transfer screen

Individual track transfer screen

Options under Settings menu

  1. View what version of Napster 6 is installed.
  2. Manage all your Napster account settings or sign out of Napster 6.
  3. Zoom In/Out to adjust visual display size of the app
  4. Turn on high-quality audio.
  5. Enable or disable prompts to show details about the audio format being played
  6. Enable or disable prompts to save the tracks in the Mixer before you replace them with other music.
  7. Remove this computer from your Napster account. Downloaded songs do not play while the computer is de-authorized.
  8. Specify the location on your PC that downloaded songs are stored.
  9. Enable or disable prompts to import local music automatically for the added music folders.
  10. Enable or disable prompts to show “Add to KIDS” in context menus
  11. Edit Music Added to KIDS
  12. Take a tour



Click the bullhorn icon to see feature highlights and release notes for new versions of Napster 6.



Click the speech bubble icon to send feedback about Napster 6. Remember, feedback submissions do not receive responses. Click here if you need our support team.

Troubleshooting steps for most common issues

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Sign out, completely close Napster 6, then re-open and sign back in
  3. Check for Windows updates
  4. Temporarily disable any internet security software (antivirus, firewalls, etc.)
  5. Switch to lower quality audio in Settings
  6. Check that PC date and time matches current day and time
  7. De-authorize your computer (click the gear icon in the lower left, then click De-authorize)
  8. Make sure Napster 6 has been opened in Administrator Mode (right click the Napster icon and choose “Run as administrator”)

For Issues with MP3 Players:

  1. Make sure your MP3 player is compatible with Napster
  2. Do not plug your phone into Napster's software. Use our mobile app instead.
  3. Check that the MP3 Player is in “MTP" mode in the player settings
  4. Unplug & re-plug MP3 player into a different USB port
  5. De-authorize the player from account.napster.com
  6. Format your MP3 player by choosing "Format" from inside the player settings. This erases all content.
  7. Uninstall Napster 6 from Add / Remove Programs and reinstall it.


How to Migrate Playlists Containing Local Media

How to Migrate a Mixer List

Running Both Players Simultaneously


How to Migrate Playlists Containing Local Media

You may notice that some of your playlists that contained local media files in Napster 4 have not migrated over automatically in Napster 6. This is because we're now using a song matching service to help build playlists, and no longer support local media files.

However, you can match the songs that you own. If you own digital music and it’s on your computer, you can use napster’s CloudSync to match those songs in our catalog.  Try CloudSync from your Mac or PC at http://www.napster.com/cloudsync

 The matching songs will appear in your napster Library without moving or altering the songs on your computer in any way.  For any songs not matched because they are not in our catalog, please let us know at www.napster.com/requests.  We will do our best to add the missing tracks to our catalog, provided the artists and record companies have enabled the songs for streaming on Napster.


How to Migrate a Mixer List

If you’re a Napster subscriber who has spent years adding songs to their Mixer, you can bring that list over to Napster 6. Here’s how:

  1. In the old player, add all of the songs in your Mixer to a playlist. (Please note that there is an 800-song limit on playlists created in Napster 4.)
  2. If you have more than 800 songs, break up the Mixer into multiple lists.
  3. Open those playlists in the new player (Napster 6), and add them to your Mixer.

Running Both Players Simultaneously

If you have been using the old player (Napster 5), and you download and use the new player Napster 6), it doesn’t replace the old player – you can use one or both simultaneously. The icons for the players are somewhat similar, but there are two different version of the software. At this time, you don’t have to use either one exclusively.

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