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Napster 6 PC software troubleshooting

The steps below solve most issues with Napster 6.

(Having trouble with our old software, Napster 4? See the Napster 4 guide here)

Napster 6 Troubleshooting steps:

1. Restart your computer
2. Check for updates for Napster 6 by closing and reopening it. Updates appear in the upper right corner.
3. Sign out, completely close Napster 6, then re-open and sign back in
4. Check for Windows updates
5. Temporarily disable any internet security software (antivirus, firewalls, etc)
6. Turn off Napster HQ audio (click the gear icon in the lower left, uncheck High Quality)
7. Check that PC date and time matches current day and time
8. Deauthorize your computer (click the gear icon in the lower left, then click Deauthorize)
9. Make sure Napster 6 has been opened in Administrator Mode (right click the Napster icon and choose “Run as administrator”)
10. If all else fails, uninstall Napster 6 from Add/Remove programs and reinstall it.

For Issues with MP3 Players & Napster 6:
1. Make sure your MP3 player is compatible with Napster
2. Do not plug your phone into Napster’s software. Use our mobile app instead.
3. Check that the MP3 player is in “MTP" mode in the player settings
4. Unplug & replug MP3 player into a different USB port
5. Deauthorize the player from account.Napster.com
6. Format your MP3 player by choosing "Format" from inside the player settings. This erases all content.

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