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To use Napster for BMW Apps you must have:
1) A 2011 or newer BMW, Rolls Royce, or Mini Cooper with BMW Apps
2) An iOS device with iOS 5.1 or higher
3) The latest Napster iOS app installed on your device
4) An active Napster Premier or Napster Premier Plus subscription
5) A USB to vehicle connection
6) An active data connection (3G, LTE, WiFi) for streaming playback, although offline playback is supported for downloaded content


1) Plug your iOS device in to your BMW using your USB cable
2) Launch the Napster app
3) When Napster is open and connected to your BMW you will see a lock screen that shows you're connected to your BMW
4) On your BMW head unit, scroll to CD/Multimedia and tap OK
5) Scroll to Napster and tap OK


1) The Napster app will allow you to search and play our full catalog of over 18 million tracks
2) The Napster screen on your BMW head unit allows you to access:
       1) Now Playing - displays your now playing queue
       2) Discover Music - Search for tracks, view Top Tracks, check out New Releases
       3) Playlists - Featured Playlists + your Napster playlists
       4) Downloads - shows downloads on phone app
       5) Radio - Access Artist Radio or browse Napster stations by genre
       6) Add to Favourites - adds the current track to your Favourites playlist
       7) Previous Track
       8) Next Track
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