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How to Listen to Napster in the Car

Napster provides the best possible in-car listening experience. In most newer vehicles, you can listen to Napster through the entertainment system. There are a range of different connection methods:

Connecting Napster to Car Stereo with a cable

You can use an AUX or USB cable to directly connect your phone, tablet, or computer to a speaker, a sound bar or to a car stereo system. 

Connecting Napster to Car Stereo with Bluetooth

To listen to Napster via Bluetooth, you’ll need to pair the device you want to listen on with a phone, tablet, or computer that has Napster on it

Ensure that Bluetooth is switched on in the car, or on the speakers or headphones you want to listen on, as well as the device you're playing Napster from.

Cars with Napster

As an integrated app, you can control Napster with voice or steering wheel controls in select car models. For instructions on how to use Napster in your vehicle select your brand below.

BMW Online Entertainment



AUTO MODE for Android

AUTO MODE for iPhone


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