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Napster Windows 10 Software Guide

Welcome to the new Napster client for Windows 10, our latest and best streaming music player for your Windows PC and phone! Install the latest app today via the Windows Store, and sign in to keep the music playing. Learn more below about what this new app can do, and how you can use it.

Download Windows 10 PC App

Click the link below to download Windows 10 PC App



System Requirements

Napster Windows 10 software is compatible with Windows 10 desktop, Windows 10 mobile, Xbox One, and Hololens.

Napster Windows 10 software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Napster Windows 10 software works with Napster Premier, Napster Family & Napster Premier Plus One.

How to sign-in to Napster Windows 10 Software

  1. Open Napster Windows 10 software
  2. You have two options:
    1. Sign in using your Facebook account
    2. Enter your Napster username & password, then click Sign In


The Home screen allows quick access to editorial features, new releases, popular charts, music from other listeners in the service, and browsing by genre and theme.


The search field allows you to search for your favorite music by artist, album, track, playlist, or listener.


The profile screen allows quick access to music from listeners like you and other listeners with similar taste; your personal charts, organized by track/album/artist and by week/month/year/all time; your favorites; and your friends. You can also search for friends from your profile.


The library screen allows quick access to the albums and tracks that you have saved to your collection. You can sort and filter, and use semantic zoom to quickly jump to the content you’re looking for.


The downloads screen allows quick access to the albums and tracks that you have downloaded for offline use. You’ll notice the interface is identical to the library screen.

Play Queue

The play queue screen allows you to see the list of tracks that you have queued up to play next, as well as a view of your listening history going back up to 300 tracks.


The radio screen allows you to view your recently played stations, your saved stations, or a collection of editorially curated stations. Use the text box to create a new artist or track station at any time.


Your playlists are always accessible from the left navigation. You can find and access playlists, and easily drag and drop tracks into playlists anytime.


The settings screen allows quick access to features like audio playback quality, Facebook connect, and various display options.

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