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How to cancel or change Napster subscription on Google Play

Napster Subscriptions on Google Play renew automatically unless you unsubscribe. If you don't want the subscription, you can cancel the subscription on Google Play and you can also change the payment method used for a subscription or membership.

On your Android Phone

Steps to cancel Napster subscription on Google Play

  1. Open the Google Play Store .
  2. Tap Menu Account > Subscriptions.
  3. Find the Napster subscription you want to cancel. 
  4. Tap Cancel


Important: Uninstalling the Napster app will not automatically stop your subscription. You must cancel your subscription to end your subscription. If you uninstall the app without canceling your subscription, you will still be charged. 

If you cancel your subscription and if you want to restart it, then follow the instruction below to reactivate the membership.

Steps to reactivate Napster subscription on Google Play

To find and subscribe to content:

  1. Go to google.com.
  2. Find the Napster app that offers subscription-based content.
  3. Click Subscribe and choose a subscription option.
  4. Select a payment method.
  5. Click Subscribe
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