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Fix for SD card issues after Marshmallow upgrade

Important Notes before you follow the troubleshooting steps: (Skip this notes, If your SD card is new and you have no data on the SD card)


  1. After Marshmallow upgrade, you must format your SD card as Internal storage in order to download songs to the SD card
  2. Before formatting your SD card as Internal storage, you have to move all the applications that were moved to SD card prior to the upgrade back to Internal Storage to avoid losing them.
  3. Once you move or backed up all the data, format the SD card using your computer


Using your SD card as Internal Storage :

  1. Insert the formatted or the new SD card in the device
  2. You should see a “Set Up SD card” Notification
  3. Tap on ‘setup SD card’ in the insertion notification (or go to settings->storage->select card-> menu->format as internal)
  4. Select the ‘internal storage’ option, after have carefully read the warning
  5. Your card will be formatted and encrypted, and usable as device storage.
  6. Go back to Rhapsody and download songs and enjoy offline listening.


Important Notes after formatting your SD card as Internal Storage :

  1. Once the card has been formatted, You will be asked whether you want to migrate data currently on your device to the card

This step will move all media, pictures and documents to SD card

  1. By selecting where to migrate content, You can also select the preferred storage location for all application, and data

    (i) If you decide to move that data to the card, the SD card will also become the preferred storage location for all applications content,  data and database and media.

    (ii) If you decide to skip this step, your device internal storage will remain the preferred storage for all content.


  1. Once a card has been formatted as internal storage,  both your device internal storage and the card will show up as “device storage” under storage settings, and you will be able to  move applications which were in internal storage to the card. Moving applications to the card can be done from application settings (settings->apps->select application->change storage location)


  1. Once a card has been formatted as internal storage, Play Store will install applications on either storage volume automatically, based on a set of rules provided by the application developer (you will be able to move applications from one volume to another). If the application developer has not provided the correct set of rules for automatic installation to the SD card, each time applications update, you will need to move them back to the SD card.


  1. Applications will always store their content in the preferred storage location by default. You will not need to indicate in each application setting where to store content; for example:

If you have adopted your SD card as ‘internal’, the Motorola camera app will always store your content to the preferred storage location, there is no app specific setting


  1. Storage settings will enable you to check storage usage on both Device storage volumes. Adopted SD cards will show up under “Device Storage”
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