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Rhapsody/Napster Update on SONOS


SONOS is updating its firmware for features and fixes to their own system. As part of this update, a new Napster experience is being released. This update brings more of the Napster features you enjoy in every room of your home through the SONOS Controller App, like genres + moods, time-of-day recommendations, and the ability to stream radio station from any artist or track.

This new app has improvements over the previous Napster SONOS experience including the following:



Enjoy our highest quality audio ever at AAC @ 320 Kbps


Browse playlists by Genre, Mood, and Theme to match every moment.


Discover new featured music that’s been handpicked just for Sonos users.


Create custom ad-free radio stations based on a song or artist. You can also tune-in to your favorite live radio stations from around the world.  


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to update Napster APP on SONOS?

When a new software update is available for your SONOS system, you will be prompted to update with an “Update Now” button on all of your SONOS controllers. Simply click the “Update Now” button to begin the update process or go to settings menu and at the top of the list there will be an "Update Now" item when an update is available. Simply tap that to start the process. This will update the SONOS player firmware to the latest.

Note: To get the new version of Napster, all you need to do is remove your existing Napster service from your Sonos controller and install Napster (BETA), which will have the beta tag on mobile devices or will be located under the Sonos Labs container on desktops.

Please not that in order to keep your Sonos Playlists your will need to visit this site https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/451/~/Napster-and-sonos for further instructions. Unfortunately, Sonos favorites and alarms will not be able to be migrated from the old service to the new service at this time.

As part of this update the following will happen:

  • The legacy SONOS Napster app will be replaced with the new SONOS App
  • The new SONOS app will no longer state "BETA" in the name or in badging
  • Any SONOS playlists that reference Napster tracks will be migrated as well so no data loss for the users.


Please refer to the SONOS KB article below for more information on how to update SONOS system.


What bitrate and format does Napster stream in?

Napster streams in 320kbps AAC format.

What happens if I do not update my SONOS system?

Due to a new Napster implementation on SONOS, you must update your SONOS system to the latest version in order for your account to continue working on SONOS. If you do not update before 30th July’16, then you will not be able to play music on Napster, but you will be prompted to update the App.


If you still have any questions on Napster SONOS update, please contact our Customer Support and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our services.

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