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Xbox 360 App How-To Guide

NOTE: This is only for Napster customers living in the United Kingdom

Get Napster
The home screen
Error Messages

How do I get Napster on my Xbox 360?
1) From your Xbox 360 home screen select Apps
2) Select Search Apps
3) Enter Napster in the search field
4) Select Napster
5) Select Install
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How do I sign in?
Already a member?
1) Launch Napster on your Xbox 360 to get your activation code
2) On your PC go to http://www.napster.co.uk/xbox/activate
3) Enter your activation code
4) You're automatically signed in

Not a member?
1) Sign up for a free trial from your PC here
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What's on the home screen?
1) Search
Search for music in the Napster library

2) Browse
Browse the Napster library

3) My Music
All your organized music

4) Radio
Listen to Napster Radio stations

5) Settings
View your account information and app version

6) Player
Playback controls
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How do I uninstall the app?
1) From the Xbox 360 home screen, go to System
2) Select Settings
3) Select Storage
4) Select the storage device you downloaded Napster to
5) Select Games And Apps
6) Select Napster
7) Select the Napster file
8) Select Delete
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The Napster app doesn’t respond
If the Napster app doesn’t respond to input, delete the app and download it again:
1) From the Xbox Dashboard, go to Settings and then System
2) Select Storage
3) Select your primary storage device (most likely Xbox 360 Hard Drive)
4) Select Games and Apps
5) Find and select any items that refer to Napster
6) Select Delete
7) Return to the Xbox Dashboard
8) Go to Browse Apps and select Napster
9) Select Confirm Download to download and install the app
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Error messages
You might get one of these errors when you try to access music in the Napster app:

Sorry, Napster isn’t available right now. Please try again later. For more information, go to www.xbox.com/status.
To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
1) Go to the Xbox Service Status page to check if there’s a current issue
2) If you continue to get the error, delete and reinstall the Napster app
3) If these steps didn’t resolve your problem, contact Xbox Support

Oops! Account In Use. Your music has paused because your account is in use from another location. Please select play to resume listening.
This error can occur if you try to stream Napster music on two devices at the same time using the same account. You can only stream Napster from one device at a time per account.
To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
1) You must stop streaming Napster content on your second device to play the content on your Xbox 360
2) Select OK to close the message box
3) Select Play to pause the content on your second device

Reactivate Now!
Your account information has changed.
Please follow these steps to reactivate:
1) Visit http://www.Napster.co.uk/xbox/activate in a browser
2) Enter your activation code

Sorry, the item is no longer available. You can either close Napster or return to the Xbox dashboard or you can continue on to the Napster home page.
No songs are currently available for this album.
This issue can occur if the copyright holder has removed the music from Napster.
To work around this issue, return to the previous menu and select different music.

You have reached the maximum skips allowed for this radio. Please try again later.
You can't skip some Napster music. To work around this issue, do one of the following:
1) Let the content play
2) Press B to go to the home screen, and then select a different station

Update Your Billing!
Your account is on hold because we couldn’t process your payment.
Please go to account.napster.co.uk on your PC, tablet or phone to update your information.

Subscribe to Napster!
You need an active Napster subscription to use this service on your Xbox.
Sign up for a free trial from your PC or phone here.

Your account is suspended.
Your trial has expired or there was a problem charging your credit card.
To resolve this issue, log on to account.napster.co.uk and update your billing information.
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