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Napster + Control4

Access Napster music directly with your controller. Simply choose Napster on the menu, login and listen to millions of full-length tracks as often as you want.



Search for an artist, album or track and listen to your selected music instantly. Choose from hundreds of expertly-programmed radio stations, new releases, and the charts to keep on discovering music.

Create your own playlists with ease on the Napster service. Play them on your Control4 and listen to hours of your favorite music.

Set Up Napster

Napster Music service seems to be the first items Control4® system owners want up and running as soon as their systems are installed and set up. You can use music services on your Navigators to play music in every room in the home

Note: If the version of the OS on the Control4 system is newer than 2.5.3, there is an update available for their systems and you should contact their Control4 dealer to get the update. For some of these users, the update will happen automatically and for others, Control4 dealer will need to perform the update for the user.

To check for the OS version on the user's Control4 system, a user can perform the following steps:

1 - From their Control4 controller, navigate to the home screen and choose "Settings"

2 - From the "Settings" screen, select "About"

3 - In the "Director" column on the screen get the value of the "Version" item (ex.


Get your FREE 30 day Napster Unlimited plus Mobile trial. Listen to more than 40 million tracks in every genre – from the latest releases to your old favorites. Discover music for every mood on your Control4. 30 days for free!*


What is Control4?

Control4 offers a complete line of home automation products that makes sophisticated home automation solutions practical and affordable for every home.

Connect your smartphone, tablet, or touch screen to the Control4 system—No special code is required to connect to the Wireless Music Bridge.

To access Napster on your Control 4 system, follow the steps given below:

1.From your Touch Screens, MyHome apps, or On-Screen Navigator's Home Page, select Listen > Napster

2.Log in. When you select Username, a keyboard appears. Type your Napster username and password, and then select Login.

The sections below describe how to set up and listen to your favorite music

Note: Use the Control4 system Listen or Watch icons on your Navigators to change how you listen to music through your receiver.

Ensure that your Control4 installer has added and identified your audio devices to the Control4 system.

To listen to music

  1. On your touch screens, MyHome apps, or on-screen Navigator Homepage, select ListenNoteThe following page may vary among the touch screens, MyHome apps, and on-screen Navigator. The following figures show the display on a touch screen.


2: Select Napster. When you select Napster, it appears in the media dashboard.


  1. Use your  Media Dashboard (touch screens or MyHome app only) or System Remote Control (through the on-screen only) to control your music, volume, change stations, play, stop, and so on.

To stop playing music

Touch screen or MyHome app - Select Room Off to turn off what is playing; or press and hold to turn off all audio zones (Source Off).

  • Playlist - Select Stop.
  • System Remote Control - Press and release Room Off to turn off the room, or press and hold Source Off to turn off the source.
  • Media dashboard - To stop listening to music, select the Power button.

How to add Napster tracks to the Queue

Go to Albums > Select the Album that you would like to add and then tap the 3 dots and select the option Add to Queue and keep adding the tracks to the Queue by going back to the Album menu. You can also go to Now Playing and shuffle and repeat the tracks. You can also save these tracks as a playlist.

How to upgrade

Your Control4 dealer can easily update your Control4 system’s software so it keeps up with your latest high-tech wonders. They can also set up your system to automatically update whenever there’s a new operating system, and they’d love to tell you about the latest tips, tricks, and toys from Control4 that will open your eyes to what your system can become.

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