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Napster 6 PC Software Guide

System Requirements and Download Links

Napster V6 is compatible with Windows Vista and above.Click HERE to download the software

For Windows XP Users, the last compatible version is and click here to install. (We no longer provide support for Windows XP users)

Napster PC software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Napster PC software works with Napster Premier, Napster Family & Napster Premier Plus One.


  1. Visit http://download.rhap.com/apps/windows-net451/napster/setup.exe
  2. Click on “Download Napster for Windows”
  3. Click on “Run” or “Save” (If you click on save, you have to go to your downloads and double click on the downloaded file to run the setup file)
  4. Click on “Install”

Having Trouble Installing? Please click here.  

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