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iOS Troubleshooting

Apple iOS Troubleshooting


The steps below solve most issues with the Napster iOS app. See our iOS app feature guide here.

Remember, Napster requires iOS 7 or higher and iPod Nano, Shuffle, & Classic are not compatible.

1.  Completely shut off your device and turn it back on

2.  Check for an app update

3.  Sign out of the app and sign back in:
       1. Tap Settings in the app.
       2. Tap Sign Out

4.  Force close the app:
      1.  Press the physical button once on the iOS device to close Napster
      2.  Press the physical button twice to show background apps
      3.  For iOS 6, press and hold Napster until the red circle appears, then tap the circle
      4.  For iOS 7 scroll to Napster and swipe up

5.  Ensure there is some free space by checking iOS Settings > About > Available.

6.  Switch between WiFi, cell, & airplane mode.

7.  Turn off High Quality downloads and streams.
     1. Tap Settings in the app
     2. Scroll to High Quality Audio
     3. Set both Downloads and Streaming to OFF

8.  Deauthorize & reauthorize the device from your account.
     1. Sign in to https://account.napster.com
     2. Click "Authorization"
     3. Scroll to your iOS device
     4. Click "Deauthorize"
     5. Open the Napster mobile app and sign back in to reauthorize

9.  Restore the app. Library and playlists are safe, but saved songs are removed.
      1.  Tap Settings in the app.
      2.  Tap Restore Default Settings
      3.  Re-download any saved songs

10.  Uninstalling & reinstalling the app fixes 99% of problems. Library and playlists are safe, but saved songs are removed.
     1.  Press & hold the app icon
     2.  When the icons shake, tap the "X"
     3.  Tap Delete

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